Mission and tasks

Statistics Finland's task is to bring reliable and up-to-date information for the benefit of customers and into social debate. The basis for our activities and development is continuous, efficient and up-to-date statistics production that relies on strong competence in the fields of statistics and information, broad data materials, and on the ability to collect, manage and use the data ethically and sustainably. Continuous review and development of this foundation is also necessary when we create preconditions for efficient use of information in society.

Statistics Finland's task is to

Compile statistics and reports concerning social conditions:

  • Collect and maintain data files on society
  • Provide information service and promote the use of statistics
  • Develop statistical methods and conduct studies supporting the development of statistics

Develop the national statistical service in cooperation with other Government officials:

  • Coordinate the national statistical service
  • Participate in and coordinate Finland's international statistical co-operation