Statistics Finland is an independently acting government agency belonging to the administrative sector of the Ministry of Finance. Our task is to publish reliable statistics for everybody's use. Most of the statistical data we produce are freely available on the web.

In addition to statistics, we produce data for researchers that are utilised in research, make various surveys to order based on data, participate in social debate, promote statistical literacy in society, and help information users to find the statistical data they are looking for.


Statistics Finland's activities are funded with the national budget, chargeable services and other central government authorities and financing from the EU. Sixty-seven per cent of the funding came as appropriations for operating expenses from the national budget in 2023.

Financing structure

The different shares of funding as a pie chart. Appropriations for operating expenses 67 per cent. Income from chargeable operations 14 per cent. Appropriations carried forward from previous years 15 per cent. External financing four per cent.


At the end of 2023, Statistics Finland employed 777 experts, of whom 130 were statistical interviewers. Fifty-eight per cent of the personnel were women. Around 76 per cent of the personnel held at least a lower tertiary level qualification.

Gender distribution of personnel in 2023

Bar chart on gender distribution. There are 454 women and 323 men.

Age distribution of personnel in 2023

Horizontal bar chart. The number of employees aged 55 to 64 is highest, 261. Those aged 45 to 54 number 178. Those aged 35 to 44 number 176. Those aged 25 to 34 number 137. There were eight employees aged under 25 and 17 employees aged over 65.


We produce the vast majority of Official Statistics of Finland, which we develop together with other producers of statistics. We are also active in international networks where statistics production is planned and guided.

Important partners for statistics production are register authorities, other domestic producers of statistics, Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union, and the national statistical institutes of other countries.

To guarantee the quality of statistical methods Statistics Finland has cooperation agreements with universities. Statistics Finland also cooperates with the Finnish Statistical Society.


Our key social stakeholders are the Ministry of Finance, which is responsible for performance management, and other ministries. An important interest group is also formed of data suppliers, that is, business enterprises, municipalities, other corporate bodies and ordinary citizens from which data are collected for statistics.