Planning, monitoring and development

Statistics Finland operates under the Ministry of Finance and is managed by results, but is independently responsible for its activities, services and statistics. The key documents guiding the planning of activities are the performance agreement, the framework plan and the budget proposal. The key monitoring data are the financial statements, especially the annual report, and the statement from the ministry concerning the financial statements and annual report.

The documents are available only in Finnish in our web service.

Documents for management by results


The agency’s operational targets for the coming year are specified in a performance agreement between Statistics Finland and the Ministry of Finance. The achievement of the targets is reported on biannually.

The budget proposal contains estimates on Statistics Finland’s income and appropriations in the coming year. Government ministries draw up budgets for their administrative fields from the proposals of agencies and institutions.

The budgets and supplementary budgets decided by the Parliament can be found in Netra - the Finnish State Internet Reporting.

The framework plan presents Statistics Finland's financial framework plan in the medium term.

Monitoring data

Statistics Finland's financial statements The financial statements comprise the annual report, the financial statement calculations, and the notes to the accounts.

The ministry’s statements on the agency’s financial statements and annual reports on the Ministry of Finance’s site.

Evaluations and reports

Examine the corresponding documents of other central government agencies in Netra.

Statistics production

Statistics Finland produces approximately 160 sets of statistics. An annual statistical programme listing all next year’s statistical releases and their release dates is published as a release calendar towards the end of each year.