Statistics Finland's activity and finances are steered by the Director General. The activity is organised into four service areas: Information and Statistical Services, Development and Digitalisation, Partnership and Ecosystem Relations, and Enabling Services.

Organisation chart. The content is described in the text on the page.


Director General

Markus Sovala

Service areas

  • Information and Statistical Services: Deputy Director General Mari Ylä-Jarkko
  • Development and Digitalisation: Deputy Director General Mikko Lindholm
  • Partnership and Ecosystem Relations: Deputy Director General Ville Vertanen
  • Enabling Services: Deputy Director General Pasi Henriksson

Service areas

The activities of service areas are arranged into departments and groups. 

Information and Statistical Services

  • Economic Statistics Department
  • Social Statistics Department
  • Data Resources Department
  • Coordination and methods group

Development and Digitalisation

  • Development Services Department
  • Technology Services Department
  • Digitalisation services group

Partnership and Ecosystem Relations

  • Research services group
  • Customer relationships and information service group
  • Communications and networks group

Enabling Services

  • Interview data collections group
  • Support to information work group
  • Finances and planning group
  • Human resources and law group

Advisory boards

The development of the national statistical service and Statistics Finland is supported by two Advisory Boards.