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Latest publication: Energy supply and consumption 2020, 2nd quarter

Revisions in these statistics

The data of the statistics have become revised according to the table below. For more information about data revisions, see Section 3 of the quality description (only in Finnish).

Revisions to data on annual changes in total energy consumption 1)

Total energy consumption and quarter Annual change (%) Revision (%-point)
1st release (%) Latest release 30th June 2020 (%)
I-IV 2019 -1 -1 0
I/2019 -9 -5 4
II/2019 -3 1 4
III/2019 -4 0 4
IV/2019 1 1 0
I/2020 . -11 .
. = Category not applicable
1) The revisions describe the difference between the annual change percentages of the latest and first releases in percentages. The first release refers to the time when preliminary data for the statistical reference quarter in question were released for the first time.

Source: Statistics Finland, Energy supply and consumption

Inquiries: Aleksi Sandberg 029 551 3326, energia@stat.fi

Director in charge: Jan Nokkala

Updated 30.6.2020

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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Energy supply and consumption [e-publication].
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