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Households' consumption

Producer: Statistics Finland

Latest release:
Almost every third household had a pet in 2016
20 Apr 2020
Preliminary data on the Household Budget Survey data for 2016 were released midway through the data collection, and the majority of them also corresponded to the completed data. However, the number of dogs and the prevalence of carbon offsets by airline passengers, for example, were reviewed based on the completed data.

Description: Statistics Finland's Household Budget Survey produces data on changes in the consumption expenditure of households and on differences in consumption by population group. The survey also studies households’ housing conditions, possession of vehicles and income. In addition, the survey produces data on the benefit gained from the use of social services and the amounts of food bought home.
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Keywords: consumer durables, consumption, consumption expenditure, cost of living, expenditure, household budget survey, households, housing, income, living conditions, public welfare services, socio-economic group, use of money.
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Change: Updated data on households' consumption published in database tables
28 Feb 2014
Year 2012 has been added to the database tables of households' consumption statistics on 28 February 2014.

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