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Changes in the calculation methods of quarterly national accounts

Changes have been made to the calculation methods of quarterly national accounts, the most significant being more extensive use of volume indices released by Statistics Finland as source data for industry-specific value added. The aim is a more uniform cyclical image between the quarterly national accounts and the volume index of industrial output, as well as the volume data of the statistics on turnover in service industries. The change does not have a significant effect on 2018 data that will become revised on 20 June when annual data are released.

Investments and changes in inventories are calculated at a more detailed level but no revisions are made to the released data at this point.

The structure of database tables changes in connection with the 29 May release. Industry-specific wages and salaries paid, and social security contributions are published in the same database table with data on industry-specific value added. Data on value added, wages and salaries, and social security contributions will, as a new feature, be divided into private and public sectors. This also applies to employed persons and hours worked, that are published in a separate database table. No significant changes will be made to the so-called balance of supply table containing the supply and demand items of the gross domestic product and the rest of the national accounts.

In future, database tables will be updated in connection with the release of quarterly sector accounts, when the data may become revised.

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