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The Classification of Buildings 2018 has been applied to the Statistics on Buildings and free-time residences

In connection with the publication of data for 2020, the Statistics on Buildings and free-time residences have adopted the Classification of Buildings 2018. The new classification is applied to the statistics on buildings in the whole time series.

The biggest changes in the review of the statistics on buildings are that rental holiday cottages and timeshares have moved from commercial and office buildings to free-time residential buildings and residences for communities and dwellings for special groups to residential buildings.

The Classification of Buildings 2018 is introduced in the statistics on free-time residences starting from the statistical reference year 2020. From that onwards the detached houses that have been reported to be in leisure-time use are no longer included in the statistics as free-time residential buildings and rental holiday cottages earlier classified as commercial buildings are included instead.

Statistics Finland's Building Classifier helps in adopting the new Classification of Buildings. It contains the conversion key for the classification of buildings between the old and new classifications.

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