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Base year for the Building Cost Index will change starting from January 2016 data

The base year for the Building Cost Index will change starting from the data concerning January 2016. The weight structures (cost distributions) of the new index have been updated to correspond with the cost structures in professional construction of new buildings. In addition, the commodity sample has been updated to correspond with new constructional regulations and the coverage of the enterprise sample has been expanded.

The official Building Cost Index will still be published by cost item and type of house. The production of indices on own-account construction and renovations is discontinued in the new index. Removed indices are:

Construction of agricultural buildings

Dwelling renovation

Renovation of housing companies

Renovation of a single-family house

Renovations of office and industrial buildings

The new index to be published is the total index of residential building, which covers both newbuilding and renovation building.

1. Total index of residential building

1.1 Newbuilding of residential buildings

1.1.1 Detached residential house

1.1.2 Residential block of flats

1.2 Renovation building of residential buildings

1.2 Dwelling repairs of residential buildings

1.2 Building repairs of residential buildings Building repairs of residential detached houses Building repairs of residential blocks of flats

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