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Published: 15 July 2010

Households invested in shares and funds last year

The strong growth of households’ deposits came to a halt in 2009. Instead of deposits, households invested in shares and funds, directing EUR 3.6 billion worth of their financial assets to them. Their investments in quoted shares amounted to good EUR 2 billion, or more than ever before. Thanks to holding gains, households’ financial assets grew to a total of EUR 201 billion over the year. These data derive from Statistics Finland’s Financial Accounts statistics.

Households' net acquisition of mutual fund shares, quoted shares and deposits

Households' net acquisition of mutual fund shares, quoted shares and deposits

Households’ financial wealth grew

Households’ financial assets grew by nearly EUR 15 billion during 2009. More than one-half of the growth came from holding gains. At the same time households’ debts grew by EUR 4 billion, or by the least amount since 2001. Thus, their net financial assets, i.e. difference between financial assets and liabilities, grew by nearly EUR 11 billion. Household indebtedness ratio, i.e. proportion of loans relative to disposable income, rose to 112.4 per cent.

Releasing of quarterly data will begin in January

The compilation of quarterly financial accounts will be transferred to Statistics Finland from the Bank of Finland. Quarterly statistics provide a timely description about developments in the financial assets and liabilities of all sectors of the national economy. Statistics Finland will begin to release the quarterly data in January 2011 and these will then relate to the third quarter of 2010. Annual financial accounts data will next be released in July 2011.

Source: Financial Accounts, Statistics Finland

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Director in charge: Ari Tyrkkö

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