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Source data for investment firms changes from the beginning of 2014

A change will take place in the data collection of the data source for statistics on investment firms from the first quarter of 2014. The Financial Supervisory Authority will start using FINREP reporting forms for data collections on financial information.

Financial information reporting (FINREP) is part of the European Banking Authority's (EBA) draft implementing technical standards (ITS) published on 26 July 2013. The final, binding technical standard will be issued as a Commission Regulation that is as legislation that must be applied by the member States.

The regulations and guidelines for reporting of financial information in the financing sector 20/2013, provide instructions on delivering supervisory data to the Financial Supervisory Authority based both on the Commission's enforcement decree and national regulations.

Further information about the data collection is available on the Financial Supervisory Authority's web page:

The change affects the content and sub-items of the financial statement formula. Corresponding changes will be made in the statistical release.

Last updated 3.4.2014

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