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New method introduced for calculating imports of transport services for sea freight transport

The calculation method of imports of transport services has been renewed due to asymmetries found between Finland and other countries in international trade in transport services. The renewed method is still based on the CIF-FOB conversion, the results of which are multiplied by country-specific weights in the new method. The weights are based on the asymmetries of transport services between Finland and the counterparty countries and they will in future be updated annually. In practice, imports of sea freight transport services in Finland are changed based on exports of sea freight transport services in the counterparty countries.

Due to the methodological change, the level of service imports became revised upwards by EUR 137 million for the statistical reference year 2020. Country-specific changes of over EUR 10 million for the statistical reference year 2020 were:

change, EUR million

Germany -195

Russia -194

United Kingdom -34

USA 19

China 65

Denmark 85

Sweden 99

Netherlands 211

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