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Productivity surveys statistics about to be revised

Statistics Finland will revise its Productivity surveys statistics. The new statistics will be published on 15 October on Statistics Finland’s homepage.

The KLEMS methodology used by the productivity statistics is not well suitable for calculations of public sector productivity. That is why producer type T30, non-market producers, was excluded from the calculations. Also, the industries of agriculture were left out. In addition, some smaller methodological changes were made: the gender was excluded from the quality of labour index and the net capital stocks of national accounts were taken as a starting point for the calculation of productive capital stocks.

Px-Web tables will be revised as well, the structure of the tables will change and some new figures will be available. The data of the Labour force survey will be taken as a starting point for the calculation of the quality of labour index instead of employment statistics. The data of the LFS are available earlier than those of the employment statistics and hence the productivity surveys results will be available earlier. The first preliminary figures will be published about half a year/six months after the end of the statistical year. In the future the productivity surveys will be updated two times a year, in March and June, as the National Accounts are updated.

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