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Employment statistics 2006 - changes in statistics production

Statistics Finland will not produce preliminary data on workplaces and industries for the year 2006. The produced preliminary data for the year 2006 comprise data only on persons' main type of activity and occupational status.

The change in the production model of Statistics Finland's employment statistics has resulted in changes in the production timetables of statistical data. The final employment statistics for 2005 were completed behind schedule in April 2008. In order to speed up the timetable of the 2006 employment statistics, it has been decided that preliminary workplace and industry data will not be produced. Of the final 2006 employment statistics, data on the population's main type of activity will be finalised in June-July 2008. Final data on the employed and workplaces by industry will be published in October 2008.

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Last updated 20.5.2008

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