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National accounts time series have been revised

The national accounts for 2007 have been revised on 30 January 2009 in the usual manner as new source data have been completed. This time the revisions concerned a smaller than usual part of the data.

Some revisions have also been made to the national accounts time series for the years 1994-2006. These revisions concern the local government in particular.

The new types of municipal enterprises, i.a. polytechnics, have been transferred from the non-financial corporations sector into municipalities also in the years 1995-2004. Municipal internal rents have been removed from real estate services starting from the year 2002. Measures have been taken to remove the double entries resulting from municipal joint operation models (e.g. the fire and rescue service).

The purchaser organisations of municipal public transport have been transferred from non-financial corporations into local government, under public administration, starting from 1997. The producers still remain in the non-financial corporations sector. The purchases and subsidies of municipal public transport services are entered as net sums in subsidies on products (ticket receipts are deducted). The change in the sector classification raises the level of subsidies on products.

As from 2006, municipalities' net acquisitions of shares in housing companies are treated as residential building investments instead of being treated as net acquisitions of shares. This change brings them in line with other sectors' net acquisitions of shares in housing companies. Municipalities' land purchases and sales have been checked starting from the year 1997.

An erroneous entry of municipalities' and joint municipal authorities' internal income transfers related to child protection services as an income transfer to non-profit organisations has been removed from years 1999-2006.

In the Table describing general government expenditure by function, the pre-primary education taking place in day care centres has been transferred from the category of social protection into education as from 2002. By contrast, in the industry approach, pre-primary education taking place in day care centres still belongs to the industry of social services.

The erroneous double entry of road and railway investments related to the construction of the Vuosaari harbour under the support activities of the non-financial corporations sector starting form year 2003 has been removed. Investments are already included in central government investments. The financing arrangement agreed by Helsinki and central government is entered as a capital transfer from non-financial corporations (Port of Helsinki) to central government and the investment subsidy entered as having been paid by local government to central government has been removed.

Internal purchases and sales of the central government Defence Administration (Construction Establishment) have been consolidated out starting from 1994. The consolidation also reduces the expenditure by function targeted at defence.

Data on agriculture from the year 2006 have been revised mostly on the basis of data from the statistics on the finances of agricultural and forestry enterprises.

Errors in reinvested earnings under property income and expenditure in the years 2002-2003 and 2006 have been corrected. Year 2006 dividends and interests have been revised on the basis of new data. Interests paid by municipal enterprises on loans granted by municipalities have been added to the interests of non-financial corporations and local government as from the year 1997. The return of capital paid by Helsingin Energia to the city has been added to non-financial corporations and local government withdrawals of entrepreneurial income as from the year 2003.

The number of households in 2005-2006 has been revised to correspond with data from the income distribution statistics.

An extensive time series revision will be published in 2010.

Last updated 30.1.2009

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