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5. Residents in urban municipalities own one third of forests

We have above examined household assets insofar as relevant data are available in the wealth surveys of earlier years. The survey of 2009 also included ownership of forest and farm land. Forest owners comprised 13 per cent of households, or a total of 325,500 households. The average value of forest property was EUR 3,900 and that of farm land EUR 1,900 per household.

The nature of forest and farm land property may vary for different population groups. For agricultural entrepreneurs, for example, land and forest property is part of their productive capital. The value of forest property owned by farmers is EUR 76,900, and the value of farm land EUR 79,400, on average.

However, agricultural entrepreneurs today only account for some 36,000 households, and if we look at the national distribution of forest property, one third (33%) of forest is owned by pensioner households. The share of agricultural entrepreneurs is 28 per cent and the share of salaried employees is 21 per cent. The share of those living in urban municipalities in forest owners is eight per cent, and that of those living in rural municipalities is 30 per cent. The share of the entire forest property owned by those living in urban municipalities, however, exceeds one third (34%). This figure for those living in rural municipalities is 45 per cent.

Source: Households' assets

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