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Households' assets

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Nearly every third person owned listed shares or mutual funds in 2020
02 Mar 2022
Approximately 1.7 million persons owned mutual funds or shares listed in Finland in 2020. Around 31 per cent of the dwelling population were owners. The number of owners grew by 107,600 from the year before, while in 2014 to 2019 the number of owners grew by an average of 42,400 persons per year. The increase in the number of owners is explained in particular by the introduction of equity savings accounts. These data appear from Statistics Finland's statistics on households' assets, where register-based data on listed shares and mutual assets are published for the first time as a separate release. Number of persons owning listed shares, mutual funds or both in 2009 to 2020

Description: The wealth survey describes household’s assets: their total amount, structure and distribution among different population groups. Besides different forms of assets, the survey also produces data on other matters that have a bearing on the financial position of households, such as income and debts.
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Keywords: debts, households, income, inheritances, investment activities, saving, securities, socio-economic group, wealth.
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