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Households' assets

Producer: Statistics Finland
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Main topic: Income and Consumption
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The wealth survey describes household’s assets: their total amount, structure and distribution among different population groups. Besides different forms of assets, the survey also produces data on other matters that have a bearing on the financial position of households, such as income and debts.

Data content

The main data content in the 2009 wealth survey consists of real assets, comprising the values of the dwellings and free-time residences owned by households, and the values of transport equipment, land and forest property. The data content further includes financial assets, comprising deposits, quoted shares, other shares, fund shares and pension insurance savings.

The survey also includes data on debts and income. The target population consists of private households permanently resident in Finland at the end of 2009, excluding institutional households. The basic data are confidential. The data system generates a service set of unidentifiable data whose use is subject to permission.

Classifications used

Regional classifications (all regional divisions based on municipalities). Other main classifications: type of household, socio-economic group, age and level of education of reference person, income and wealth decile groups of household, data concerning dwelling.

Data collection methods and data sources

The so-called register method was used in the 2009 wealth survey. The survey data are based on a data set compiled in connection with Statistics Finland’s income distribution statistics, comprising 10,989 households. Data on the structure of the household, classifications, and income and debts are obtained from the income distribution statistics. Data on wealth are obtained with various estimation methods, where the data sources are register data. Ownership data of dwellings, for example, are obtained from data describing buildings and dwellings in the Population Information System and from the Tax Administration's register of dwellings in housing corporations, according to which dwellings are priced at market value according to the price statistics. The value of vehicles was formed from the price system data of the Vehicle Register and the National Board of Customs. Ownership data of boats are based on the boat register. The value of quoted shares was formed on the basis of the book-entry securities register and OMX price data. Statistics Finland does not have access to register data concerning deposits, so data on deposits were formed by a modelling process utilising data from the 2004 wealth survey. The wealth values used in the estimation were scaled to correspond to the level of 2009 using the change percentage of households' stock of deposits obtained from Statistics Finland's financial accounts. The wealth survey of 2004 was made by interviewing households, when Statistics Finland last collected data on households’ deposits.

Updating frequency

The time of the next wealth survey has not been decided.

Time of completion or release

The results from the wealth survey of 2009 will be published in 2011.

Time series

Saving and indebtedness survey in 1987 and 1988. Wealth survey in 1994. Wealth survey in 1998. Housing and wealth survey in 2004.


debts, households, income, inheritances, investment activities, saving, securities, socio-economic group, wealth

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