Special compilations and tailored services

Statistics Finland has a wide array of statistics, and phenomena are tabulated into both free and chargeable databases from several perspectives. As there are many needs, our finished products do not always offer enough information for every need.

If you need such statistical data that cannot be found ready-made, we can compile them to order. For making such special compilations, we use data from Statistics Finland's statistics, e.g. population, employment or building data. 

We can produce the statistical data ordered by you, for example, as an individual table, table package, statistical graphs or thematic maps. 

Agreement and pricing 

If you order a special compilation from us, we prepare a written information service agreement with you. The agreements can be made as either a one-off or continuous assignment. If the assignment is continuous, we will deliver the ordered data annually whenever new data are completed. 

Special compilations are priced at an hourly rate according to the number of hours worked. 

Ask more from the information service!

  • information service, tel. +358 29 551 2220
  • email: info@stat.fi

Last updated 11 Jan 2024