Implementation of the model

The SISU microsimulation model can be used for scientific studies and statistical surveys within the framework of the Statistics Act. The restriction concerns model data, but the actual model code is available freely.

The model operates via remote access connection.

The programming of the model is made in one language and it is implemented fully with SAS software. The model is equipped with an interface tailored inside the SAS EG program. The remote service includes the required programs for using the model. Using the model from one's workstation requires the SAS statistical program (SAS 9.3 and SAS EG 5.1 or newer versions).

Release of data used in the SISU model calls for a user licence. See how the application process for micro data progresses.

Remote access requires the opening of a remote access connection, on which an agreement is made with the ordering organisation. In addition, a separate agreement is made on remote access to the SISU model and the users of the model are specified there.

The price information concerning the model is given in pricing. The price comprises of organisation and user-specific remote access charges. Besides these, charges are levied separately for the use of the service data regardless of the user environment (workstation/remote access). Statistics Finland also offers services for researchers with the SISU microsimulation model. Separate assignments are charged for according to Statistics Finland's general pricing policy.