Frequently asked about micro data

This page contains questions and answers related to the Research Services’ micro data.

When can the target group’s personal identity codes or own data be sent to the Research Services?

The licence processor gives instructions for delivering personal identity codes and own data when the user licence has been approved. Read more about data security in the reception of data materials.

What data can be released for personal use or to Findata? 

The following data can be obtained for Findata remote access use or released to one’s own organisation: cause of death data, age, sex, education, occupation and socio-economic group. In addition, service data files can be released to one's own organisation because the possibility of indirect identification has been removed from them.

Can statistical data be obtained for use from elsewhere than the Research Services?

Unit-level data must be applied from the Research Services. Statistics Finland also carries out chargeable special compilations. Charged special compilations are made according to the customer’s needs as an individual table, table package, statistical report, statistical graphs or thematic maps. Tabulated data are often available faster than unit-level data from the Research Services. Further information: Special compilations, information service, tel. +358 29 551 2220, email