News 10 Jan 2023

New Classification of Sectors entered into force at the beginning of the year

Wellbeing services counties started their actual operations on 1 January 2023, and as a result, the new Classification of Sectors has entered into force. The change in the Classification of Sectors concerns the General government sector, where wellbeing services counties are classified into the Local government sub-sector. 

Structure of the local government sector has changed

The Classification of Sectors 2023 replaces the previous Classification of Sectors 2012 standard. The Classification of Sectors is based on the classification structure defined by the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010).  

In the new classification, a new structure was formed in the Local government sector due to the national classification needs brought by the wellbeing services counties. The introduction of intermediate levels is new for the Local government sector, with which an overall picture of the wellbeing services counties and the municipality as a whole can be presented separately in the statistics. The content of the other sector categories has not changed in the review. 

Digit levels of the new Classification of Sectors are revised

In the new Classification of Sectors, local government has been revised into six-digit level categories. 

For the Local government sector (S.1313), two new five-digit intermediate levels have been formed (S.13131 Local government excl. wellbeing services county administration and S.13132 wellbeing services county administration), under which altogether seven more accurate six-digit levels have been produced. Wellbeing services county administration is divided into wellbeing services counties, joint county authorities for wellbeing services and other units of wellbeing services county administration. The content of the sub-categories previously belonging to local government has remained unchanged from the previous classification standard, although the coding has changed.

The new Classification of Sectors 2023 with its definitions is available on Statistics Finland's website. The classification includes the nomenclature (codes and headings) and definitions of the categories in Finnish, Swedish and English.

What is the Classification of Sectors? 

The Classification of Sectors is a basic classification applied to economic and social statistics for the classification of the activities, financing modes, owner types and legal forms of decision-making units into equivalent categories.

The Classification of Sectors 2023 can also be found in the Reference Data service

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