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News 31.3.2015

Statistics Finland will terminate 19 employment relationships based on its co-operation negotiations

After the co-operation negotiations that ended in February, Statistics Finland announced that it was preparing to give notice to at most 21 employees on financial and production grounds. Now, the number of persons to be dismissed has been confirmed to be seven, and the employment of 12 persons will end as a result of other arrangements.

When Statistics Finland's co-operation negotiations started in December 2014, the need for redundancies was estimated to be 45 persons. The total required personnel reductions were 70 staff years. A majority of these reductions can be reached through pension arrangements and voluntary arrangements, like exchanging holiday bonuses for time off.

The co-operation negotiations are based on the financing of Statistics Finland's operations tightening considerably from 2014. The savings measures related to various activities that have already been implemented, like discontinuations of statistics, are not sufficient to fill the financing gap. In 2015, the savings requirement is around EUR three million compared with the previous year.

When looking for savings objects, the aim has been to find solutions that enable efficient production of reliable statistical data also in future and that would cause as little harm as possible to users.

Further information: Marjo Bruun, Director General +358 29 551 2565,


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