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Press release 30.6.2005

New statistical data in future as press releases and statistical releases

Statistics Finland's English-language webpages have been rebuilt. At the same time, the release practices and visibility of new statistical data were revised.

In future, users will find the latest data from individual statistics under a new heading of Statistical releases. These statistical releases number around 700 per year, and about 100 are also issued in English. All statistical releases are listed in the Release Calendar of Statistics. The homepages of all statistics also have information about their own coming releases.

Besides topical statistical data and services, press releases are also issued about other matters of interest, such as events, products and services and completed surveys. Most of the press releases are issued in Finnish.

Statistical releases and press releases are made public on weekdays at 9 am. Releases are made on our Internet pages at

Information about news, topical issues, future releases and events and links to the statistical news of previous years are most easily found in the News section of our service.