Releases of the building cost index corrected

Date of correction:

Statistics: building cost index


  • building cost index 2023, January, 16.02.2023
  • building cost index 2023, February, 16.03.2023
  • building cost index 2023, March, 14.04.2023
  • building cost index 2023, April, 16.05.2023
  • building cost index 2023, May, 15.06.2023

Correction date: 21.07.2023 (at 08/00)

corrected database table, identifier and name

Description of the correction

Statistics Finland found an error in the data of the building cost index, for which reason the time series was corrected retrospectively for the January to May period of 2023. The error occurred in the index calculation in connection with the change of the statistical reference year. The correction does not concern the indices for labour and services.

The correction affects the total index declining the annual change. The absolute value of the differences between annual changes in the original total index and the corrected total index is, on average, 0.23 percentage points between January and May. The corrections are visible especially in the time series of materials but also in the total index.

The corresponding data were also corrected in our chargeable Built environment service database.

The original and corrected data on sub-indices are also available as an Excel file (in Finnish):