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The statistics on progress of studies describe completion of qualifications by students in post-comprehensive education within the target time. The data are produced by combining several register data and published once a year.


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According to Statistics Finland's education statistics, completion of upper secondary education slowed down in 2020. Of those having started studies, 60 per cent completed vocational education in three-and-a-half years and 79 per cent completed general upper secondary education. The pass rate of un…

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Started vocational qualification completed, 3.5 years, %

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2014Business, administration and law67.4
Engineering, manufacturing and construction67.5
Health and welfare70.0
2015Business, administration and law70.8
Engineering, manufacturing and construction67.2
Health and welfare70.7
2016Business, administration and law72.5
Engineering, manufacturing and construction66.9
Health and welfare71.2
2017Business, administration and law73.3
Engineering, manufacturing and construction65.3
Health and welfare69.1
2018Business, administration and law68.1
Engineering, manufacturing and construction63.3
Health and welfare67.2
2019Business, administration and law67.1
Engineering, manufacturing and construction61.4
Health and welfare63.1
2020Business, administration and law68.0
Engineering, manufacturing and construction59.2
Health and welfare59.2

Pass rates for upper secondary general education, %, in different reference periods


Started university of applied sciences degree completed, % according to the study period


Pass rates for Higher university degree, % in different reference periods

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