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4. House price development elsewhere

In the second quarter of 2011 prices of dwellings have risen fastest from the corresponding period of 2010 in Estonia, by 10.7 per cent. Rises in dwelling prices has been lowest in Sweden, where prices gone up by 1.0 per cent from the previous year. In Great Britain, Greece, Spain, the United States and in Russian urban areas prices of dwellings went down.The sources used in the table are national statistics agencies, unless otherwise mentioned.

Table 1. Changes in prices of dwellings in different countries, 2nd quarter 2011

Maa Year–on–year change, % Quarter-on-quarter change, %
Great Britain -1.6 -0.3
Spain, new dwellings -5.2 -1.5
Spain, old dwellings -8.3 -0.9
Greece, new dwellings 1) -3.0 -1.1
Greece, old dwellings -5.5 -1.8
Norway 7.4 2.8
France 7.6 1.5
Sweden 1.0 1.0
Germany, new dwellings 2) 2.2 -0.4
Germany, old dwellings 4.9 0.0
United States 3) -5.9 -0.6
Russia, new dwellings -12.1 1.6
Russia,old dwllings -21.2 1.1
Estonia 10.7 8.0
1) Source: Greece's Central Bank
2) Source: Germany, Hypoport AG
3) Source: Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)

The compilation of statistics on dwelling prices is currently being developed in several EU countries. The above data have been collected from a number of sources. They are not necessarily mutually comparable or comparable with data compiled on Finland.

Source: Prices of Dwellings, Statistics Finland

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