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Data for the statistics on prices of old dwellings in housing companies in the early part of the year became revised because of the change in data

The price index of old dwellings in housing companies has been re-calculated from the beginning of 2019 with the Tax Administration’s dwelling data (data on ownership of dwellings in housing companies and changes in them). Due to the data change, revisions of data are bigger than normal and particularly the first quarter of 2019 has been revised upwards by 1.1 per cent in the whole country in annual and quarterly changes. Revisions to quarterly statistics are generally under +/- 0.5 percentage points.

There are several reasons for the revisions. Information for previous months has been supplemented to the new data over several months. The revisions are partly due to the timings of the processing of new data that differ from the usual production process. Consistent price limits have been made in the 2019 data for the whole year and more recent register data have been taken into use, which would normally be done later in spring.

In addition, dwelling data include the transfer date of ownership instead of the time of transaction. Thus, the transfer date will in future replace the date of transaction, which in certain cases has altered the calculation month of data. Additionally, identification of new building targets is not at the moment as precise as before, particularly in targets where an old building has been renovated to correspond to a new building.

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