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Numbers of transactions of old dwellings in housing companies have been revised retrospectively

The reporting of the asset transfer tax changed in November 2019 and starting from the data for 2019, the Tax Administration's data on dwellings have been used as the primary data for calculating the price data of old dwellings in housing companies.

In future, data on dwellings will be received from the Tax Administration monthly. In order for the number of transactions to be retrospectively as consistent as possible with the data on new dwellings, they have been recalculated starting from 2006 using data on dwellings (register of dwellings in housing companies) previously obtained from the Tax Administration once a year. The numbers for 2018 to 2019 have been calculated from the latest data on dwellings.

As a result of the change, especially the numbers of transactions made in 2010 to 2012 are clearly higher than previously reported. This is due to the changed review procedures of observations accepted into the statistics and because the so-called bundle transactions made by enterprises are taken into account better in the new data.

After the revision, the numbers of transactions describe the activity of transactions in previous years better than before. The revision has no effect on the published data on prices of old dwellings in housing companies.

The numbers calculated from the Tax Administration's dwelling data should not be used to describe the activity of transactions in the latest period, because the data will be supplemented in the coming months / quarters.

In order to obtain information faster on the activity of transactions, data from the price monitoring service of the Central Federation of Finnish Real Estate Agencies on transactions in old dwellings in housing companies made through real estate agents will in future be published in connection with the monthly statistics. The data cover around 70 to 80 per cent of all transactions of old dwellings in housing companies.

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