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Building Cost Index was renewed

The Building Cost Index has been renewed and the new base year is 2021. The weight structure of the index was updated to correspond to up-to-date newbuilding construction. The data collection has been renewed by adopting new data collection methods, web scraping of hardware stores and scanner data. The sample of enterprises in the data collection has been updated and the products included in the collection have been updated.

The most detailed level input nomenclature behind the calculation was reviewed and this is visible in the published indices for two input headings: Timber and Interior structures were removed from the nomenclature, new headings are Timber structures and Frame structures.

The content of the house project types in the Building Cost Index remains unchanged based on the new Classification of Buildings 2018. The house type was previously called office and commercial building is now called service building. The publication of house type indices with old base years will continue by chaining also for office and commercial building.

The publication of renovation indices of residential building will be continued so that, in accordance with the valid Classification of Buildings 2018, the headings Blocks of flats and Detached houses will in future be Block of flats and Detached and semi-detached house. The weight structure of residential building construction has also been updated to 2021=100.

Last updated 15.2.2022

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