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2. Domestic trips

2.1. Domestic trips including paid accommodation increased from the previous year

In 2015, some 6.4 million leisure trips were made in Finland during which paid accommodation services, such as hotels, camping sites or rented cottages, were used at least once. The number was up by eight per cent, or 481,000 trips, from the year before.

Examined by age group, Finns approaching retirement age travelled most eagerly in domestic hotels and rented cottages, because they increased their trips with paid accommodation by 26 per cent during 2015.

Finns' favourite holiday destinations in Finland were Uusimaa, Pirkanmaa and North Ostrobothnia. Trips to Uusimaa numbered 1.2 million, or 19 per cent of all trips with paid accommodation. Eleven per cent of trips were headed to Pirkanmaa and ten per cent to North Ostrobothnia. Fewer trips were made to Lapland than one year before.

However, Lapland attracted tourists around the year and the most popular time to travel there was in March to April to enjoy spring skiing. When travelling in the rest of Finland, the most popular times were February and summer months. Fifteen per cent of trips with paid accommodation in Finland were made in July.

Big towns interested Finnish travellers, as 904,000 trips were headed to Helsinki, 530,000 to Tampere, and 410,000 to Turku.

In Finland, passenger cars were the most usual means of travel as nearly 80 per cent of trips were made with passenger cars. Travelling by bus was slightly more popular than in the year before. Train and airplane as means of travel were as popular as one year earlier.

The number of nights spent during domestic leisure trips involving paid accommodation totalled 15.2 million, which was five per cent more than in 2014. Of overnight stays, 64 per cent took place in hotels, holiday villages and camping sites, and 34 per cent in rented cottages. Compared with the previous year, nights spent at hotels increased by ten per cent and nights spent at rented cottages by three per cent. In contrast, nights spent at camping sites dropped by 14 per cent.

2.2. Trips with free accommodation to big towns

Around 19 million overnight trips with free accommodation were made in Finland, i.e. to own free-time residences or to relatives or friends. The number of these trips remained almost at the same level as in the previous year.

Of the trips with free accommodation, 3.3 million were made to Uusimaa, and 45 per cent of these to Helsinki. In all, 2.0 million of trips with free accommodation were made to Pirkanmaa and 49 per cent of these to Tampere. A total of 1.7 million trips were made to Varsinais-Suomi and 37 per cent of them to Turku. Trips with free accommodation to North Ostrobothnia numbered 1.6 million.

The high season for trips with free accommodation was also the summer months, as one-third of trips with free accommodation in 2015 were made in June to August.

2.3. Domestic business trips diminished

A total of 3.4 million business trips with overnight stays were made in Finland in 2015. Six per cent fewer domestic business trips were made than in 2014.

Domestic business trips are typically very short. Fifty-nine per cent of the trips only last for one night and 33 per cent for two to three nights.

Domestic business trips are usually made by passenger car, as 62 per cent of the trips are made driving one's car. Nineteen per cent of business trips are made by train and 11 per cent by plane.

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