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Published: 17 September 2009

Finnish enterprises' personnel 589,000 in affiliates abroad in 2007

In 2007, enterprise groups located in Finland had nearly 5,000 affiliates abroad. Of them, over 60 per cent were located in the area of the European Union, approximately 10 per cent in Asia and 5 per cent in North America.

The personnel of the affiliates abroad totalled 589,000. The personnel of the Finnish-owned affiliates abroad clearly concentrated in the manufacturing industry. The same enterprise groups which had personnel in affiliates abroad employed 461 000 persons in Finland in 2007.

Measured by turnover, the most significant affiliate activity took place in Sweden. Investments in tangible assets in affiliates abroad totalled at nearly 8,700 million EUR of which over 80 per cent were made in Europe. In 2007, the same enterprise groups invested 7,500 million EUR into tangible assets in their companies located in Finland.

Source: Finnish affiliates abroad 2007, Statistics Finland

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