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Published: 17 March 2008

Producer Price Indices in February 2008

Producer prices for manufactured goods rose by 3.9 per cent, export prices by 3.2 per cent and import prices by 5.2 per cent from February 2007 to February 2008. The basic price index for domestic supply went up by 5.3 per cent in the year. The year-on-year change in the wholesale price index was 5.0 per cent.

The rise in the producer prices for manufactured products was caused especially by increased prices of oil products from February 2007. The rising of the prices was held back by fallen prices of electric energy.

From January to February, producer prices for manufactured goods went up by 0.8 per cent due to risen prices of, among other things, copper, chemicals and oil products. The rising of the prices was curbed by fallen prices of electrical products.

Month-on-month and year-on-year changes in Producer Price Indices in February 2008

Point figure
Change %
1/2008 - 2/2008
Change %
2/2007 - 2/2008
Producer price index for manufactured products, total 105.3 0.8 3.9
Export price index 96.0 0.6 3.2
Import price index 116.9 0.8 5.2
Basic price index for domestic supply 117.8 0.8 5.3
Wholesale price index 114.8 0.8 5.0

Source: Producer Price Indices 2008, February. Statistics Finland

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