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Appendix table 25. Wood pellet, consumer price

Time Price, e/t Price, c/kWh Index 2010=100 Yearly Change, %
2012:08 257.5 5.42 98.7 -2.0
Energy prices are published on Statistics Finland's website at

Wood Pellet Price statistics have been revised

The Wood Pellet Price statistics have been revised and the base year changed to 2010. In connection with the revision, the weight structures of the statistics have been brought in line with the values of consumer sales for the year 2010. In addition, the enterprise sample has been updated. The consumer prices in this index are in line with the weight structures for the year 2010 since August 2012.

All publishable consumer prices and point figures calculated with the new base year are available in Statistics Finland’s StatFin database (Energy prices). Statistics Finland will not calculate and publish data with base year 2005=100 anymore.

Source: Producer Price Index 2012, August. Statistics Finland

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Updated 24.9.2012

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