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Government R&D funding in the state budget

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Government RD funding in the state budget for 2020
19 Aug 2021
The funding of research and development activities for 2020 has become revised in relation to the preliminary figures. According to Statistics Finland, a total of EUR 2,286.6 million was budgeted for research and development in the state budget for 2020, which is considerably less than indicated in the preliminary data. The preliminary budget funding for 2020 published in February (25 February 2021) included total funding for disruptive circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but funding for disruptive circumstances has been removed from the final RD funding data, because the potential share of actual RD funding cannot be reliably estimated from this funding for business development.

Description: The statistics describe the funding allocated in the state budget to research and development. Examined are also changes occurring in R&D funding between different years. The OECD and EU recommendations are observed in the compilation of the statistics. The Statistics Act (280/2004) is applied in the production of the statistics on science and technology (incl. research and development). In addition, Commission Regulation (EC) No 753/2004 requires collection of data and steers the compilation of the statistics. The data are collected jointly by a network of experts from different administrative sectors.
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Keywords: central government finance, expenditure, government finance, information society, institutions of higher education, product development, public expenditure, research activities, research expenditure, research institutes, universities.
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