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Participation in leisure activities

Producer: Statistics Finland

Latest release:
Going to concerts becomes more common and diverse
21 Nov 2018

Description: The statistics on participation in leisure activities examine the population's leisure activities and social participation, their development and participation of different population groups. Information is also produced on the ratio between work and leisure, social relationships and importance attached to different spheres of life. The Leisure Survey has been conducted in 1977, 1981, 1991, 2002 and 2017.
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Keywords: art, art activities, books, choirs, civic participation, collective activities, concerts, cultural activities, cultural associations, cultural events, cultural participation, culture, dance, digital games, digitalisation, domestic work, festivals, films, gaming, handicraft, hobby, ict, internet, leisure, magazines, mass communication, museums, music, newspapers, opera, participation, physical exercise, radio, reading, social life, social media, spending time at free-time residences, study, television broadcasting, theatre, tourism, visual arts, voluntary work, writing as a hobby.
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Change: Statistics renamed
04 Jan 2018
Statistics on Leisure Survey will in future be published under the name Participation in leisure activities.

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