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Finland 1917-2007

The Finnish independence in statistics

The decades of Finnish independence have seen several radical social, economic, scientific and technological changes. These changes are also clearly visible in social statistics - statistics are, after all, a mirror of society.

Through the 12 months of the 90th anniversary year of Finnish independence, Statistics Finland will publish on this website examples of what the development of our society and its current situation look like in the light of statistics.

We hope that these examples from statistics will help citizens to familiarize themselves with their roots and history. At the same time the examples offer a look behind the statistics, where they can be read not only as numbers but also as real stories about life and our society.

Monthly themes

January: 90-year-old Finland on the global map of states
February: From slash-and-burn fields to post-industrial society - 90 years of change in industrial structure
March: The use and sources of energy 1917-2007
April: Books in Finland: A Success Story
May: The growing years of Finland's industrial production
June: From villa ownership to national leisure-time activity
July: Finns consume eleven times more now than 100 years ago
August: Labour disputes in independent Finland
September:  From hand-cranked connections to hands-free mobile calls - history of telecommunications in Finland seen through statistics
October: A century of motoring in Finland
November:  Education in Finland: more education for more people
December:  Population development in independent Finland - greying Baby Boomers

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