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News 14.1.2015

Data by postal code area opened

Statistics Finland offers data by postal code area free of charge for everybody's use. The Paavo - Open data by postal code area service contains map data and versatile statistical data.

The data can be retrieved from Statistics Finland's geographic information interface and from Paikkatietoikkuna, and you do not have to register to use them. The statistical data are also available in the PX-Web service.

Take a look at the new Paavo data.

Below you find a few examples of the data Paavo offers.

Most inhabitants 20100 Turku Keskus 25,398 persons
Most children aged zero to two 00980 Etelä-Vuosaari 880 persons
Most persons with higher university degrees 02160 Westend 40.2%
Most students among the population 02150 Otaniemi 37.4%
Most employed persons among the population 01720 Petikko 71.4%
Highest median income of inhabitants 02160 Westend EUR 35,375 per year
Most young people living alone 90220 Kontinkangas 44.8%
Most households of families with children 91910 Tupos 66.4%
Biggest average size of households 68810 Ytteresse and 91910 Tupos 4.0 persons
Smallest average floor area of dwellings 00500 Sörnäinen 39.3 m2
Most free-time residences 93999 Kuusamo 4,840 free-time residences
Most jobs 00100 Helsinki Keskusta 46,945 jobs