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News 5.2.2015

Production of the statistics on building and dwelling production suspended

Statistics Finland will suspend the production of data for the statistics on building and dwelling production for the time being. The data is unable to be produced and released because the Population Register Centre cannot deliver the building register data used as the data source of the statistics. The statistics will be produced again when the quality of the released data can be ensured.

Problems based on extensive data system renewals

The problems are based on the data system renewals carried out by the Population Register Centre where the entire processing of building and dwelling data in the Population Information System has been renewed. The renewed system had to be launched in a partially incomplete state in November 2014 due to dependencies related to municipal mergers at the turn of the year.

Registration of building permit data regularly delivered by municipalities into the Population Register Centre's new system and their delivery to Statistics Finland started in January 2015. Since then, however, information technology problems have occurred in registering the building permit data, which has resulted in registration being interrupted until faultless operation of the computer software can be ensured.

Due to the delay in the registration of building permit data and deficiencies in the data, Statistics Finland has not received data from the Population Register Centre that would be exhaustive enough for reliable statistics production.

Solution sought in cooperation

Statistics Finland and the Population Register Centre are in tight cooperation to solve the problems in order to return the statistics into production.

The data that cannot be released for the time being will be released once the data deliveries and systems are working, after which we will return to the normal monthly release schedule.

The statistics on building and dwelling production describe the volume of construction subject to building permits and the volume of production that can be measured with the cubic capacity and number of dwellings of building projects. The statistics do not include conversions and renovations requiring building permits.

These statistics are so-called fast statistics on business trends that are used diversely when analysing the economic cycle and changes on the market. Normally, the statistics are published once a month around six weeks after the end of the statistical reference month. The latest released data describe October 2014.

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