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16 December 2010  Release Calendar 2011
Release dates have been published for official statistics in 2011.

8 December 2010  Year of economic downturn reflected in statistics
In 2009, gross domestic product fell and households' debts grew in Finland. Despite the economic downturn, households' disposable income and financial assets went up. These data have been extracted from the statistics gathered into the freshly published Statistical Yearbook of Finland 2010.

28 October 2010  The population is getting older in the Nordic countries
According to the recently published Nordic Statistical Yearbook, four to five per cent of the population in the Nordic countries are above the age of 80 at the moment. The share of aged people is expected to grow to eight per cent in the Nordic countries by the year 2040.

22 October 2010  Appointments at Statistics Finland
Pasi Henriksson has been appointed Director of Management Services at Statistics Finland. Hannele Orjala has been appointed Director of Statistics Finland's Business Trends Department.

21 October 2010  Markku Suur-Kujala and Tapio Korhonen awarded Eino H. Laurila national income medal
The Eino H. Laurila national income medal for 2010 has been awarded to Markku Suur-Kujala and Tapio Korhonen. The medal is awarded as recognition of noteworthy work to advance economic research.

19 October 2010  Statistical literacy in the focus on World Statistics Day
The objectives of the World Statistics Day, celebrated on 20 October 2010, are to emphasise the importance of reliable information in everyday thinking and decision-making, and make statistics familiar to the general public. On World Statistics Day the producers of official statistics in Finland want to focus on statistical literacy and user skills as elements of civic skills.

13 September 2010  Challenge into the International Statistical Literacy Competition for school students
Finnish schools are challenged to take part in the International Statistical Literacy Competition. The aim of the competition is to improve the abilities of young people to describe their environment with the help of statistics.

16 August 2010 Gunnar Modeen medal to Lars Thygesen
The Gunnar Modeen medal awarded every three years by the Finnish Statistical Society was this year granted to Lars Thygesen, Director of Sales and Marketing at Statistics Denmark

22 July 2010  Olli Rehn: Greece's statistics were not compiled with sufficient independence
"Greece's statistics were not compiled with sufficient independence to respond to political pressures; instead, there was an attempt to cover up the problems of the Greek economy on the eve of the elections," says European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Olli Rehn, in an interview with Statistics Finland's Tieto&trendit magazine. In future Eurostat will have the right to check the statistics if there is reason to doubt the reliability of national data.

12 July 2010  Energy in Finland - new pocketbook of energy statistics
Statistics Finland has published a new pocket-size book of statistics on energy. The compact information package contains fresh statistical data on the energy field in Finland.

29 June 2010  International comparison data as graphs
Statistics Finland's new International comparison graphs service describes by means of statistical graphs how Finland is placed in comparison with other European countries.

4 June 2010  Pocket-size information about Finland
Statistics Finland's freshly published Finland in Figures is a pocket-size compact information package about Finland and Finns. International comparison data are also included.

26 May 2010  Changes in the calculation methods of quarterly national accounts
A new information system will be introduced in quarterly national accounts, which enables utilisation of improved calculation methods from before. Data based on the new calculation methods will be released on 9 June 2010.

3 May 2010  Statistics Finland's Annual Report 2009 released
The Annual Report includes information about Statistics Finland's central statistics, surveys and services

30 April 2010  Challenges of the European Statistical System under review at the Q2010 Conference
Statistics Finland and Eurostat will co-host the 2010 European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics to be held in Helsinki, from 4 to 6 May 2010. Over 400 statistics experts from 45 different countries have been registered for the Conference.

2 March 2010  Working group proposes revision of the Statistics Act
The working group on the rationalisation and decentralisation of the national statistical service proposes a revision of the Statistics Act and a review of the Act of Criteria for Charges Payable to the State. The working group identifies especially municipal statistics, and statistics on the environment and natural resources as areas needing further rationalisation within the national statistical service. Ministry of Finance press release

1 March 2010  Gross domestic product contracted by 7.8 per cent in 2009
According to Statistics Finland's preliminary data, the volume of Finland's GDP contracted by 7.8 per cent in 2009. The fall was the largest reduction in output for an individual year since 1917 and 1918.

24 February 2010  National accounts data will be released at 10 am on 1 March 2010
Statistics Finland will release preliminary national accounts data on economic development in 2009 at a press conference starting at 10 am on 1 March 2010. At the same time, statistics will also be released on general government deficit and gross debt, quarterly national accounts, and taxes and tax-like payments.

19 February 2010  Women and men in Finland 2009
What kinds of differences are there in employment relationships of women and men? Or in health? This up-to-date information package gives a concise overview on the life of women and men in Finland.

9 February 2010  Findicator supplemented by new indicators
The Findicator service implemented by Statistics Finland and the Prime Minister's Office has been supplemented by new indicators. The service also gives access to data in even longer time series than before and to data in the StatFin database.
Press release of Prime Minister's Office

5 February 2010  Summary data on mass media
A total of 201 printed newspapers were published in Finland in 2008 and 164 of them also had web versions. A total of some 400 Finnish newspapers or magazines were available online via the Internet. The freshly published report Finnish Mass Media 2009 provides a comprehensive overview of the media scene in Finland.

27 January 2010  Information package about climate change
Statistics Finland has compiled the fifth National Report about the implementation of the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol in Finland. The Report describes the development of emissions and actions taken to reduce them, as well as adaptation to the climate change.

26 January 2010  International statistics compactly served
Statistics from all countries of the world can now be accessed via Statistics Finland's new International statistics portal.

14 January 2010  Director General of Statistics Finland receives OECD recognition
Heli Jeskanen-Sundström has been awarded a special diploma for her contribution to the development and strengthening of co-operation between Finland and the OECD

22 December 2009  Release Calendar 2010
Release dates have been published for official statistics in 2010.



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