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18 December 2014  Changes to the production of statistics and products in 2015
Many changes will take place in Statistics Finland's statistics production, and product and service selections from the beginning of 2015. A total of 14 statistics will be discontinued and the published content of some statistics will change. In addition, the publication activity will be reduced and the opening hours of the Library of Statistics will change.

12 December 2014  Information package on transport published
How many train trips were made last year between Finland and Russia? How many foreign cruise ship visitors came to Finland? These data can be found in Statistics Finland's Transport and Communications Statistical Yearbook for Finland 2014.

10 December 2014  Statistical Yearbook of Finland describes changes in Finland
The life expectancy of the Finnish population has risen, Finns are more highly educated than before and spend more money on services. These data derive from the newly published Statistical Yearbook of Finland that describes in great detail society and its development in Finland.

9 December 2014  Statistics Finland starts co-operation negotiations about staff reduction needs
The basis for these measures is that the financing of Statistics Finland's operations will be cut by around EUR four million from 2014. The co-operation negotiations concern the entire personnel.

8 December 2014  Grid Database 2014 has been published
In addition to taxable income, the updated grid database now also contains disposable monetary income that better describes the accumulated purchasing power of each grid.

2 December 2014  Release calendar for 2015 published
The release calendar data for 2015 are now available. Take a look at the calendar where you can find information on the statistics and publications that will be released next year.

10 November 2014  Election statistics, statistics on economic trends and justice statistics off the list of statistics under threat
Based on the feedback from users, Statistics Finland has decided to remove election statistics, certain statistics on economic trends and some justice statistics from the list of statistics under threat presented in September. Clarifications still continue as concerns other statistics under threat.

29 October 2014  One-fifth of self-employed persons became entrepreneurs forced by circumstances
Approximately 40 per cent of self-employed persons without employees are clearly entrepreneurial driven. Around one-fifth of self-employed persons have become entrepreneurs forced by circumstances.

26 September 2014  Data users are heard about changes to statistics
Statistics Finland will hear data users about the planned changes to the statistics and service selection before making any final decisions. 

19 September 2014  Budget cuts force to reduce statistics production
The cuts directed at Statistics Finland's operating expenditure in 2015 to 2017 will lead to reductions in our statistical production. Services must be pruned and the possibility of employee co-operation negotiations has not been ruled out.

15 September 2014  The Environment Statistics Yearbook as an online service
The Environment Statistics Yearbook is a general overview of the environment. Now the Yearbook and its figures and tables are also available as a free-of-charge online service.

11 September 2014  International Statistical Literacy Competition is ongoing
Finnish schools are challenged to take part in the International Statistical Literacy Competition. The aim of the competition is to promote the use and understanding of social and numerical data among schoolchildren.

26 August 2014  Energy in Finland - new pocketbook of energy statistics
Statistics Finland has published a new pocket-size book of statistics on energy. The compact information package contains fresh statistical data on the energy field in Finland.

26 August 2014  Release calendar data as an open interface
Statistics Finland's release calendar shows the release dates for statistical data and publications. Now the release calendar is available in JSON format, with which the release calendar data can be transferred into one's own web application.

15 August 2014  Take up Statistics Finland's Apps4Finland challenge
Tailored combination tables of the Apps4Finland competition are now available through the open interface from Statistics Finland's database

13 August 2014  Postponement in the release of the Job Vacancy Survey for the second quarter
Due to problems that arose in the production of the Job Vacancy Survey, the data collection period has been extended. For this reason, the data for the second quarter will be released on 29 August 2014

30 July 2014  Time use is changing
The conference of the International Association for Time Use Research 2014 will discuss, for example, how the tools of Time Use Surveys can be used to analyse recent changes in everyday life.

23 June 2014  Papers are increasingly read online
In 2013, 92 per cent of Finns were reading printed newspapers and magazines at least weekly. However, papers are increasingly followed digitally, as reading of papers particularly with smart phones and tablets has fast become widespread.

17 June 2014  Middle-aged people spend most money on culture and recreation
Households spent, on average, EUR 3,636 on culture and recreation in 2012. Most money on culture and recreation was used by households where the reference person was aged between 45 and 54.

16 June 2014  Review of national accounts changes economic figures
Statistics Finland has published preliminary estimates on the impacts of the introduction of the reviewed European System of Accounts, ESA 2010, on gross domestic product and other key economic figures in Finland. According to the estimates, the level of GDP is estimated to rise, on average, by around four per cent over the 2000s.

12 June 2014  Women and Men in Finland
What kinds of differences are there in the education of women and men? What about employment relationships? Statistics Finland's publication Women and Men in Finland 2014 contains statistical data on the position of women and men in society and on gender equality.

11 June 2014  Finland and Finns in the main focus of the 2014 Apps4Finland challenges
Statistics Finland is making Finland and Finns the theme for the challenges of this year's Apps4Finland competition. With this theme, Statistics Finland wants to prepare for upcoming jubilee years: its own 150th anniversary next year and the 75th anniversary of Finland's independence in 2017.

9 June 2014  Pocket-size information about Finland
Statistics Finland's newly published Finland in Figures is a compact information package in pocket size about Finland and its people. The booklet also contains international comparison data.

9 June 2014  Statistics Finland's phone numbers have changed
Statistics Finland started using the uniform 0295 telephone numbers of central government on 9 June 2014. The new number of our switchboard is +358 29 551 1000.

6 June 2014  Statistics Finland's telephone numbers will change on 9 June 2014
Statistics Finland will start to use the uniform 0295 telephone numbers of central government on 9 June 2014. Due to work related to the change, Statistics Finland's +358 9 1734 numbers will stop working at 4.30 pm on 6 June 2014.

5 June 2014  Over EUR 2 billion was spent on environmental protection in 2012
The combined environmental protection expenditure in industry and the public sector amounted to EUR 2.3 billion in 2012. The share of the public sector was nearly EUR 1.5 billion and that of industry was EUR 0.9 billion.

27 May 2014  Finns are satisfied with their housing conditions and relationships
In their lives, Finns are most satisfied with their housing conditions and relationships. The Finnish political decision-making system in turn gets the weakest grade

27 May 2014  Election map service for the European Parliament elections is open
The free-of-charge election map service can be used to view such as voting turnout and support for the parties and elected MPs by municipality.

19 May 2014  Deputy Director General Jarmo Hyrkkö is granted the honorary title of kanslianeuvos
The President of the Republic has granted the Finnish honorary title of kanslianeuvos to Statistics Finland's Deputy Director General Jarmo Hyrkkö.

16 May 2014  How is big data used in statistics?
On 2 June 2014, Statistics Finland will arrange an international seminar on big data and its utilisation in statistics production. The event is open to all.

14 May 2014  New statistics on the turnover of large enterprises
Statistics Finland will start publishing new monthly statistics on the turnover estimate of large enterprises from 28 May 2014 onwards. The data of the statistics can be used for short-term monitoring of development in business activities and the market.

7 May 2014  Statistics Finland's telephone numbers will change on 9 June 2014
Statistics Finland's telephone numbers will change on 9 June 2014, when Statistics Finland starts to use the uniform 0295 telephone numbers of central government.

15 April 2014  Overview of economic development
The Bulletin of Statistics comprehensively provides time series data on the key topics describing the development of the economy and society to monitor economic cycles. The publication also contains indices, trends and seasonally adjusted statistical series, as well as international comparison data.

14 April 2014  Schools are challenged to participate in the International Statistical Literacy Competition
Finnish schools are challenged to take part in the International Statistical Literacy Competition. The aim of the competition is to improve the abilities of young people to describe their environment with the help of statistics

4 March 2014  Eino H. Laurila national income medal awarded to Eeva Hamunen, Sixten Korkman and Alpo Willman
The Eino H. Laurila national income medal for the year 2013 has been awarded to PhD Sixten Korkman, PhD Alpo Willman and MSSc Eeva Hamunen. The medals are granted in recognition of their active work in promoting the use of national accounts and knowledge about them.

3 March 2014  Indicators describing well-being in Findicator
A website on indicators describing different dimensions of well-being has been opened in the Findicator service. The website gathers key national and international indicator services and sources presenting well-being information into one place.

24 February 2014  Finland's databases will be closed for maintenance
Statistics Finland's databases will be closed for maintenance from 4 pm on 24 February to 9 am on 25 February.

24 February 2014  National accounts data will be released at 10 am on 3 March 2014
Statistics Finland will release preliminary national accounts data on economic development in 2013 at a press conference starting at 10 am on 3 March 2014. At the same time, statistics will also be released on general government deficit and debt, quarterly national accounts, and taxes and tax-like payments.

5 February 2014  Are you looking for information about data collections?
Have you or your enterprise been selected as a respondent in a Statistics Finland's data collection? The renewed Data collections website offers, for example, instructions for responding, information on all Statistics Finland's data collections and on what the collected data are used for.

30 January 2014  Production of business statistics renewed
Statistics Finland has renewed its production of business statistics. The review concerns more than ten sets of statistics, where a gradual introduction of the new production system was started in November 2013.

28 January 2014  Statistics Finland's databases will be closed for maintenance
Statistics Finland's databases will be closed for maintenance from 4 pm on 29 January to 9 am on 30 January.

16 January 2014  Preliminary estimates on the impact of the national accounts revision
Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, has issued preliminary estimates on the impacts of the ESA 2010 revision in Member States. The new methods introduced due to the revision have an effect on the level of GDP in EU Member States.

15 January 2014  Statistics Finland studies immigrants
The data collection for the Survey on work and well-being among persons of foreign origin started on 13 January 2014. This is the largest survey carried out in Finland concerning the entire population with immigrant background.

8 January 2014  Finland reports to the UNFCCC
Statistics Finland has compiled the sixth National Communication and the first Biennial Report about the implementation of the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol in Finland. The reports have been submitted to the Climate Convention Secretariat on 1 January 2014.



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