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Press release 29.6.2005

Appointment news from Statistics Finland:
Ilkka Hyppönen appointed Chief Director, Statistics Production

Ilkka Hyppönen, Master of Social Sciences, has been appointed Chief Director, Statistics Production at Statistics Finland for the five-year period starting on 1 August 2005. The duty of the Chief Director, Statistics Production is to direct and develop the uniformity, productiveness and processes of statistics production to meet evolving international and domestic data needs.

Mr Hyppönen has been employed by Statistics Finland since 1968 in various production, development and management tasks. In the early 1990s he worked as Director of Information Technology and most recently as Director of the Business Trends unit from 1997 onwards. He has been member of several working groups developing Statistics Finland's activity and has participated in international co-operation in his field within the framework of the ECE and OECD as well as in EU Council and Commission working groups.

Further information:
Heli Mikkelä, Chief Information Office, tel. +358 9 1734 2235, email: