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Income distribution statistics

Official Statistics of Finland (OSF)
Income distribution statistics describe distribution of households' annual income, income differentials and low income between population groups. Statistics describe disposable income and its formation taking into account taxation and income transfers. Data are published once a year.


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release | Income distribution statistics, income and housing expenditure 2022
release | Income distribution statistics 2022
release | Income distribution statistics, income and housing expenditure 2021
release | Income distribution statistics 2021

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Disposable cash income per consumption unit, mean in [FIRST to 2022

Median for household-dwelling units' disposable monetary income per consumption unit by municipality in 1995 to 2022

Personal disposable cash income by age and sex 2022

Median. personal disposable monetary income (no division of household income components) 1995-2022

Share of persons burdened by housing costs by the household's life cycle in 2022

Annual change in average real income by income decile in 2022

Development of income inequality 1986-2022, Gini coefficient

Real income level by income decile for 2018, 2021 and 2022

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