Financial corporations

The financial corporations sector includes the sub-sectors: the central bank, other monetary financial institutions and other financial intermediaries.

The central bank's function is to issue currency, to maintain the internal and external value of the currency and to hold all or part of the international reserves of the country. The sector includes the national central bank (Bank of Finland) also in the case where it is part of a European System of Central Banks.

Other monetary financial institutions' principal business is to receive deposits from other institutional units and, for their own account, to grant loans and/or to make investments in securities. The sector includes deposit banks as well as money market funds.

Other financial intermediaries are engaged in financial intermediation by incurring liabilities in forms other than deposits or insurance technical reserves. The sector includes credit institutions that have been granted concession by the Finnish Financial Supervision Authority, as well as other institutional units that mediate finance, i.a. investment funds, development capital companies, asset holding companies, pawnbroker offices, and e.g. deposit bank holding corporations.

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  • Valid until (31 December 2078)

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