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Register of Enterprises and Establishments

Statistics Finland's Register of Enterprises and Establishments is a basic statistical register that covers all enterprises, corporations (inc. public corporations) and private practitioners of trade that are liable to pay value added tax, or are employers or entered into the preliminary tax withholding register. In 2002, the Register of Enterprises and Establishments contained approximately 320,000 actively operating enterprises and corporations and 384,000 establishments.

However, only farms that act as employers or pay value added tax on the proceeds from their business activity are entered into the Register of Enterprises and Establishments. Included are also public authorities, i.e. all government agencies, municipalities and joint municipal boards, and their establishments.

Data on the structures of enterprise groups are maintained in the Enterprise Group Register. The Enterprise Group Register covers the largest groups operating in Finland as well as their group heads and subsidiary and associate companies.

Data for Statistics Finland's Register of Enterprises and Establishments are obtained from two main sources: Tax Administration's registers and own surveys.

Maintenance of the Business Register is decreed in the EU regulation on Business Registers (EEC 2186/92).

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