Statistics Finland's visual image

Statistics Finland processes the information available from a number of data sources into statistics and data describing our society. It is particularly important for us that the statistics we produce and our activity are reliable. Statistics and data are used to plan our common future and monitor the state and various aspects of society. When communicating about them, we want to arouse interest and generate new insights.

We also want to bring these viewpoints to light in Statistics Finland's visual image.

Colour palette

Tilastokeskuksen päävärit ovat tummansininen, valkoinen ja sähkönsininen.

Reliability and impartiality are the most important aspects of Statistics Finland's activity. That is why the main colour of our visual image is stable dark blue and alongside it we use the colour white that reflects impartiality.

Statistical work is based on data flows and on treatment and processing of data.  The data are processed in digital form on various platforms. The colour electrical blue, which is also visible in Statistics Finland's new logo, describes the other side of our steady and long-term work: speedy development, fast data, digitalisation and modernity.

Data flows and Statistics Finland's logo

Statistics Finland's logo resembles the capital letter T. The stem and right side of the horizontal bar of the letter T consist of dark blue bars. The left side of the horizontal bar is electric blue.

As a result of the work we do, the many flows of digital data crystallise into data needed by our customers. The movement of data into statistics is visible in Statistics Finland's logo, where the shape of the letter T is formed from data bars akin to a statistical graph. The electric blue bar of the logo symbolises fast data and digitality.

There are closely set horizontal bars of different sizes on one end of the dataflow pattern. When moving towards the other end, the bars become sparser and turn into dots before the other end. The bars in the image are different shades of electric blue.

The movement of data flows appears as a dataflow pattern in presentation materials and videos and on top of various larger elements, for example.

Logos for web use (RGB)

Statistics Finlands logos

Tilastokeskus logo rgb (png)

Tilastokeskuksen ruotsinkielinen logo, tekstinä Statistikcentralen.

Statistikcentralen logo rgb (png)

Tilastokeskuksen englanninkielinen logo, tekstinä Statistics Finland.

Statistics Finland logo rgb (png)

Tilastokeskuksen kolmikielinen logo, tekstit Tilastokeskus, Statistikcentralen, Statistics Finland.

Tilastokeskus – Statistikcentralen – Statistics Finland logo rgb (png)

Further information

If you want more detailed information about Statistics Finland's visual image or some other file format of the logo, please contact us!