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1. Enterprises' innovation activity in Finland

EU-harmonised statistics on innovation describe the innovation activity of enterprises employing at least ten persons and enterprises’ general development potential and the related operating environment. The most recent reference period of the statistics covers the years 2016 to 2018.

The content of the survey was renewed from before, when surveys were more limited only to innovation activity. Previous results are available from the releases and archive database .

Further information about the survey and its implementation

Due to the extensive data, results can only be described in this report on a less detailed level, whereby the observations based on aggregated results do not necessarily describe the situation of a more detailed level, such as an individual industry. Industry-specific and size category-specific data can be found in tables in Statistics Finland's statistical databases .

Source: Innovation 2018, Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Mervi Niemi 029 551 3263, Heidi Pirkola 029 551 3246,

Director in charge: Mari Yl-Jarkko

Updated 23.4.2020

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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Innovation [e-publication].
ISSN=1797-4399. 2018, 1. Enterprises' innovation activity in Finland . Helsinki: Statistics Finland [referred: 23.3.2023].
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