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Published: 30 November 2010

Number of families of foreign nationalities grows, but their share is still small

According the family statistics of Statistics Finland, there were altogether 60,500 families in Finland in which at least one of the spouses or the only parent was a foreign citizen. In the past year the number of these families has grown by 4,200. In 1995, the number of such families was only 25,800, which was 1.9 per cent of all families. Although the number of these families has risen, their share of all families in Finland is still only 4.2 per cent.

Families of foreign citizens in 1995 and 2009

Families of foreign citizens in 1995 and 2009

The most common combination in families including a foreign citizen is one where the man is Finnish and the woman a foreign national, and in the second most common combination the man is a foreign national and the wife Finnish. In the middle of 1990s, the most common combination in families of foreign citizens was one where the wife was a Finnish citizen and the husband a foreign citizen. In 2009, the number of families in which both the husband and the wife are foreign nationals grew the most.

Data on families for 2009 were released in May 2010. This is a wider review based on the previously released data containing, among other things, a general overview and tables. The next more extensive review will be published in November 2011.

Source: Population and Cause of Death Statistics, Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Marjut Pietiläinen (09) 1734 2798, Timo Nikander (09) 1734 3250,

Director in charge: Jari Tarkoma

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