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2. Central Europe increased its popularity

Spain is a constant favourite of Finns and the third most popular destination for leisure trips in 2013. Altogether, 279,000 trips were made to the Canary Islands and 378,000 to the Balearic Islands and Continental Spain. Trips to the Canary Islands are mainly taken during the winter season but Continental Spain attracts Finnish travellers throughout the year. The pull of Continental Spain is growing year after year, and in 2013 the number of these trips grew by 21 per cent.

Northern Mediterranean countries also attracted Finns as in 2013 the number of trips to these countries went up by two per cent. In total, more than one million leisure trips were made to the European side of the Mediterranean. Spain, Italy and Turkey were the most popular destinations in this area. Finns travelled to these countries around the year even though the main time for travelling to the Mediterranean region is from spring to autumn. The popularity of Greece dropped a little from its top levels, but trips to Croatia increased once again, as they have for several years.

Usually the trips to Southern Europe are long but shorter trips are also made to Italy. Of the trips to Italy, 16 per cent lasted fewer than four nights.

Finns travelled to the Central European countries Germany, France and Great Britain even more eagerly than before. A total of nearly 700,000 leisure trips were made to these countries. The number of trips grew by good 100,000, i.e. by 20 per cent from 2012.

Long-distance destinations lost popularity in 2013. Around 20 per cent fewer trips were made to Africa and the American continent than in 2012. Seven per cent fewer trips were made to Asia and Oceania. The number of trips to Thailand, a favourite of Finns, fell by 11 per cent from the previous year.

Source: Finnish Travel, Statistics Finland

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