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Published: 16 February 2010

Employment turned to decline, unemployment grew in 2009

According to Statistics Finland’s Labour Force Survey, employment turned to decline in 2009. The unemployment rate also began to go up for the first time since 1994. The decline in employment affected especially men and the industry of manufacturing. These data derive from the annual review Employment and Unemployment in 2009 of Statistics Finland’s Labour Force Survey.

The employment rate which had been rising for the four previous years started to fall in 2009. The rate fell by 2.3 percentage points from the previous year and stood at 68.3 per cent in 2009. The employment rate fell to the level where it was in 2005.

Employed persons numbered 2,457,000 in 2009. The number decreased by 74,000 persons. Whereas in 2008 the number of the employed still grew by 39,000, a clear turn for the worse happened in this respect in 2009.

The unemployment rate started to rise in 2009. Last year, unemployment rate was 8.2 per cent. Thus, unemployment rate rose to the level where it was in 2005. Men’s unemployment rate was 8.9 per cent and women’s 7.6 per cent.

In 2009, the average number of unemployed persons was 221,000, which was 49,000 higher than in 2008. There were 122,000 unemployed men and 99,000 unemployed women. Compared to 2008, there were 37,000 more unemployed men and 12,000 more unemployed women.

Unemployment rate by sex in 1989–2009, population aged 15 to 74, %

Unemployment rate by sex in 1989–2009, population aged 15 to 74, %

Source: Labour force survey 2009. Statistics Finland

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Director in charge: Riitta Harala

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