The data

Ready-made research data

Ready-formed data files for research provide a diversified information basis for studying the characteristics and development of business activities in Finland. Available are the following data and their combinations.

Enterprise level data

Establishment level data

  • Establishment level statistical files of the Business Register: Basic information on activity, such as turnover and personnel
  • Establishment panel of manufacturing statistics: Information on manufacturing production
  • Establishment based employee and job flow data: Establishment level data on inflows and outflows of personnel by source and target
  • Establishment/enterprise based data on personnel and wages and salaries: Data on e.g. wages and salaries, work experience, education and age of personnel
  • Inquiry on fixed assets and technology in manufacturing: Replacement value and service life of establishments' fixed assets and use of IT in production
  • Commodity statistics: Data on value and volume of products and raw materials by establishment

Individual level data

  • Combined employer-employee data, or so-called FLEED (Finnish Longitudinal Employer–Employee Data): Contains background information on population of working age, which can be combined with enterprise and establishment level data.

Announcement about replacing FLEED with FOLK-modules

The updating of FLEED data set (Finnish Longitudinal Employer–Employee Data) will be discontinued after the statistical year 2016. In practice, this means that the FLEED data set will be updated for the last time at the end of the year 2018 and published at the beginning of the year 2019.

New FOLK-modules include mostly the same variables as FLEED but also new information for instance about degrees and income. The descriptions of FOLK-modules are available at Taika ( No new licenses will be granted after 31 August 2018 for FLEED data set. After the last update of the data, the product support and the maintenance of the descriptions are also terminated. Research services have published a FLEED-FOLK key file (PDF) for checking from which FOLK module each FLEED variable can be found.

Additionally, the available material includes certain industry-specific data files on e.g. producer prices, as well as the OECD's STAN database, and conversion keys for economic activity categories and municipal mergers. Other data of Statistics Finland on business enterprises that may also interest you:


Register data related to persons and housing


Register data related to individual persons and housing provide extensive scope for the forming of a variety of tailored data files for research. The files can be formed from data on the following topics:

Interview data related to population and living conditions

The following most essential interview data describing the population and living conditions have been made into service data files, which Statistics Finland offers for research use:

Further information about these service data files is available on our website from the pages dedicated to each of these surveys.


All inquiries regarding the data: